Considering a Loft Conversion?

When your living area becomes cramped, but you like your home, the area, schools etc, converting your loft space is one of the cheapest, easiest and most efficient methods of increasing the living space.  Also, with the current uncertainties in the housing market, people are finding themselves in situations where they need more living space as their families grow, but less inclined to commit to the upheaval of moving.  Instead they are now more than ever, looking at the asset of extra space which already exists beneath the roof.  As a solution, they are increasingly starting to build upwards- converting lofts into suitable areas for habitation. It’s a significantly cheaper solution than moving house.

Loft conversions are one of the most useful ways to add value, with extra space coming high on the wish list of potential buyers. You may be pleasantly surprised at how a tastefully designed conversion can provide a complete new living area and just as importantly, add value to your property. You may need extra bedrooms, ensuite, a play room, gym or study – the choice is yours. Whether you live in a standard terraced property or a large detached house, the majority of lofts can be converted.

Converting your loft can often seem very complex, with building regulations to be complied with, planning applications etc. At Brentwood Lofts we are able to answer all your questions and offer experienced guidance to reduce the stress and complexity often associated with building work.



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