Can my property be converted?


Was the last time you popped your head up into the loft to bung in a few surplus boxes that will probably never see the light of day again?  Then it is time to get up there with your torch and tape measure, to find out what you’ve got. The main concern is the head height of your existing property. Ideally, you need a minimum of 2.2m head height in your existing loft space. This should be measured from the APEX of the roof to the top of the existing  joist. Remember, you will lose some of this height when your new floor and ceilings are installed.

It is still possible to carry out a loft conversion if your head height is tight. Your existing ceilings can be lowered or structural steel work can be lowered into your first floor ceiling.

Your property must have sufficient load bearing walls to support the extra burden. This is usually only an issue when converting bungalows, where the foundations are not deep enough and there are also no internal load bearing walls.

A member of Brentwood Lofts will be able to advise you and hopefully find a solution so that you can experience the benefits of a loft conversion.


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