New planning measures gain Royal Assent

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Key changes to the planning regime including a neighbour consultation system for larger household extensions, a new arrangement allowing developers with major schemes to bypass poorly performing planning authorities and the opportunity to renegotiate s106 agreements have all now become law following Royal Assent for the Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013.

Under the Act there will be a three-year ‘window’ when developers will be able to renegotiate section 106 agreements which have made a scheme economically unviable. The Department for Communities and Local Government said it expects this new measure will unblock developments which involve around 75,000 new homes, currently stalled, because the schemes are no longer viable.

Developers will be able to submit planning applications directly to PINS where the relevant local authority has been placed in a ‘special measures’ category because it has consistently failed to consider planning applications on time.

The reforms also contain measure affecting town and village greens. The legislation removes an overlapping consent process from the registration system, The Act also includes measures to simplify the planning system including a limit on the information a local authority can require to be submitted alongside a planning application.

In addition the Act establishes a streamlined regime designed to speed up the roll-out of broadband infrastructure in rural areas.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said: “The common sense reforms in this Act will make it possible for local businesses to grow and to create the jobs and opportunities people need to get on in life whilst ensuring democratic checks and environmental safeguards remain in place.”

Planning Minister Nick Boles said: “These new laws will reform our economy so it can boost investment, growth and jobs by streamlining a lot of confusing and overlapping red tape that all too often gets in the way of people’s everyday lives.”

Read the Department for Communities and Local Government news release.


This article was originally posted on the  Planning Portal website.

Praised by Building control – “Brentwood Lofts is a very trustworthy company”

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Yesterday over on our facebook page we received a great comment from one of our clients. here’s the post:

Had a prospective client call today, who we had recently given a quote for her proposed conversion. She said she had had another company in to quote and they had said it wasn’t possible, so she called Building Control and asked why two companies would give different views and that she was totally confused. She said the Inspector asked which company had told her it was possible and she said Brentwood Lofts. The Inspector replied, all I can say is that Brentwood Lofts is a very trustworthy company! Praise indeed!

There were, at the time or writing this post, 11 other comments from clients and friends who were all praising Brentwood Lofts for the way that we work or the work that we have done.

This is really nice to hear and we’d love to hear more!

If you are on facebook please take a moment to Like our facebook page so that you can see what we’re up to.


Building Inspector positive feedback

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We received nice comments from a Building Inspector earlier this week – he attended for the final inspection on a loft conversion that we had completed in Harlow, to facilitate the issue of the completion certificate and as he walked in, he stopped in his tracks and said ‘This is like a Tardis’ and then proceeded to compliment us on what we had achieved in a relatively small loft space.

He also complimented us on the level of quality that he inspected and commented that we are one of the best converters that he has seen!

What a Nice result! We were all very pleased.

We’re a recommended Loft Conversion company on Which

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We’re pleased to say that we hare a highly recommended loft conversion company on the Which website.

You can see our recommendations for the loft conversion projects we have completed recently throughout Essex in the image below, or feel free to link directly to our review page here:

Brentwood Lofts recommendation on Which

If you cant read the above image, here’s what it says:

“An excellent company. The owner, barry ball, certainly knows his job and can help with all the legislation and planning issues. Barry will plan the whole project for you and the work is carried out by his staff and sub-contractors (who you will want to use again and again). My conversion was completed on time and the work is faultless. What is important is that you will get it done at a reasonable price and any problems are dealt with immediately. Highly recommended.”

“Brentwood Lofts are a small business but with much experience in their field. The proprietor, barrie, is trustworthy, honest and open freely discussing all elements of the work and any issues. He inspires confidence.”


Converted lofts kept at the right temperature

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When looking online at various social media sites, I see that there are lots of home owners with converted lofts who are complaining that they are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

There is an air conditioning /warm air panel which can be used to fix this.   We’ve not had any complaints along this line though, I must say.  our lofts are so well insulated, they are extremely warm in the winter and the usual answer in the summer is to make sure enough Velux windows are inserted.

Let us know if your Loft is not at the right temperature and we will be glad to give you our advice…

Loft conversion in Maldon, Essex

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We are nearing the end of yet another loft conversion, in Maldon, Essex. The headroom was very restricted and the initial remit was for a bedroom only conversion.

The client initially didn’t want a dormer to the back of the house, as he felt it would be too imposing.  But that meant the useable space in the loft wasn’t being optimised without one.

After playing around with the design, we successfully fitted a small dormer to one side, that is hidden from view at the rear by the roof of the existing rear extension – thus providing a much needed ensuite for the bedroom.

Result? One very satisfied client!  Project pictures will be posted shortly.

Essex Loft Conversions

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Essex Loft ConversionsEven though our business name is Brentwood Lofts, we do complete loft conversions throughout Essex!

Essex Loft Conversions are a huge part of our business. A project in Brentwood is great for us being so local but we will travel to any job providing it makes economical sense.

Brentwood Lofts is a family run loft conversion and building contract specialist firm with many years experience – established since the mid 1980’s and located and working primarily in Essex, to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our clients.

If you are even thinking about having a loft conversion wherever you are in Essex please contact us and we’d love to help. You can contact us by calling 01277 227470.


Add a Porch

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Curb Appeal:
An impressive front entry is a critical aspect of curb appeal. The most dramatic transformation happens when a “flat-faced” home receives a new covered front porch. Front entryways are gracefully defined with architectural components that beautifully compliment your home’s style.

Added Value:
Enhanced curb appeal is always desirable, and can translate into a higher selling price – estate agents often mention the importance of the front entry in photo listings and buyer visits.

Protection from the Elements:
A front entry with no covering exposes your guests and home to damaging sun and rain. A porch provides great protection for your front door, hardware,  lighting etc — and even your entrance hall.  And your guests will truly appreciate it on a rainy or hot sunny day.

All good reasons to add a porch to your home.

The Only Way is Brentwood!! Lucys Boutique

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Lucys Boutique - The Only Way is EssexBrentwood Lofts is proud to promote a new business in the town – ‘Lucy’s Boutique’ whose owner, Lucy Mecklenburgh is part of the TV ‘reality’ show ‘The Only Way is Essex’.

Brentwood Lofts had a tight time-scale late last Autumn, to get the boutique fitted out in time for the Christmas season.   The shop has been very successful and looks great!

Open Plan

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“Open Plan

People get seduced by fashionable terms, such as ‘open plan’, which they interpret as knocking down all the walls on the ground floor of the house.  Walking straight through the front door into the kitchen, living and dining space can make people feel uncomfortable in their own home.  We enjoy space and light, but we also need comfort and cosy corners”

Naomi Cleaver

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