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New Living Area

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Happy New Year!

If you are considering a loft conversion this year, the following points should give you good food for thought on the benefits of adding a new living area to your home:

1. A new room utilises space that is often left unused, or for storage of rarely used items – like the Christmas tree and decorations etc! Questions are often raised as to ‘Where will we fit all that ‘stuff’ if we convert the space? The answer is simple, as most conversions will provide storage space in the ‘eaves’ of the roof – the space around the edges of the loft.

2. Per square metre, loft conversions are often cheaper than conventional extensions, as some of the structure of the loft is already in place. In turn, if the property has a small garden, then carrying out a loft conversion means that garden space isn’t lost, as it would be with an extension.

3. The problem of blocking or overshadowing light to neighbouring properties isn’t an issue with loft conversions, as often happens with ground floor extensions. Also, constructing an extension can throw up difficult soil conditions, tree roots, sewers etc, which can often result in extra costs for deeper/reinforced footings.

4. One of the most common reasons for requiring a new room, is for a bedroom and a loft conversion tends to lend itself particularly well to an upper floor, as opposed to an extension, where to achieve the same may require several storeys.

5. A loft conversion project is generally not dependant on weather conditions – it can be carried out at any time of the year, through wintery rain or frost. The only consideration is the dormer when the roof is opened up, but the building of a dormer does not take long and can soon be completely weather proofed, with work continuing inside.

6. Most loft conversions are exempt from planning, which can save time and expense.

7. One of the most satisfying parts of the construction, from our point of view, is when the stairs are installed normally during the last quarter of the build, and our clients can finally visit their new space for the first time. Seeing the space achieved, but also the views that a conversion generally offers from the higher vantage point, is often one of the best aspects of the new space.

All food for thought. If we can help with queries on any aspect of the above, or an other issues, do email us.

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